We are senior leadership coaches, experienced trainers, consultants and strategic facilitators who have worked with corporate clients and world class business schools across the globe. We are a virtual team spanning three continents.

  • Adding value
  • Nourishing meaningful relationships
  • Creating heartfelt presence
  • More authentic communication
  • Deeper trust
  • Increased effectiveness

in virtual leaders and their teams, so that organisations can fully benefit from the opportunities available in a global workplace.


A communication leadership coach for over 14 years, Dorotea enables business leaders to achieve impact and influence. With her coaching programs, they reconnect to their values, their spontaneity, their authenticity and, above all, to their capacity to adapt in the moment to their listeners’ needs. Her clients become effective and compelling speakers who inspire and influence their individuals and teams.

After her MA in History of Art, English and French Literature at the University of Lausanne, Dorotea pursued a twelve-year successful acting career. Her theatre training, her spontaneity and ability to be in the moment bring energy and delight to her coaching sessions both online and in person.
For years, Dorotea has been fascinated by the mismatching of verbal and non-verbal communication: she became intrigued as to why some speakers manage to connect and inspire their listeners while others fall flat. As a result of her observations, she developed and perfected her own coaching methodology called PREPARED™ and wrote three books on the subject of emotional intelligent communication.

A Solution-Focused Coach, Dorotea is also an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach and an NLP Practitioner.

Her clients include, among others, organisations such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Lufthansa Systems, IMD Business School, Celgene, Du Pont and WHO.

Dorotea works in English, French and Italian.


An executive coach for almost 20 years, Francesca Giulia works with senior leaders and managers in global organisations worldwide online, on the phone, and in person. Her fields of expertise are influencing without formal authority and personal energy management to sustain both performance and quality of life. Francesca Giulia left her native Italy at the age of 19 and since then has lived and worked in various countries ranging across Poland, Jordan, England, Switzerland, and, most recently, Canada and China.

Her degree in Anthropology from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), allows her clients to benefit from both theoretical and practical cross-cultural knowledge on how to lead and influence in different contexts. She is a certified coach from Ashridge Business School (UK), an experiential learning trainer in team building, NLP Master Practitioner, yoga teacher and qualified in Brain Gym and Qi-gong.

Her past and current clients include business schools such as IMD and Ashridge Hult, the World Food Program, UN-Aids, Leo Pharma, Eli Lilly, NetWork Rail, the International Criminal Court) and Maersk Shipping.

She works in Italian, English, French, and is highly conversational in German and Spanish.


A former management consultant and financial analyst, digital pioneer with great passion for technology and the Internet, Ilaria blends her broad multi-cultural experience with the warmth and zest for life of her native Italy. As a coach she focuses on strategy implementation and to turning knowledge into action. She assists her clients in rapidly identifying and implementing effective solutions, even when faced by very complex situations. A strong communicator, she helps executives improve their ability to lead their teams across the globe with clarity of vision, powerful communication and appropriate motivation.

Ilaria has developed the Thriving Beyond Cultures Methodology™, a coaching process designed to help communicate change and quickly help people adapt to systemic change.

A Law Graduate from the University of Modena, Ilaria received her Master in Business Administration from Bocconi University. She is a Certified NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator, Transformational Entrepreneur and holds several other coaching certifications.

Her past and current clients include, among others, IMD Business School, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Vodafone, Safran, SEB, SAP, Cargill.

Ilaria works in English, Italian and French.

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