We created Virtual Catalysts™ because we believed that it is possible to create a positive, constructive, and generative communication cycle that promotes high quality and uninterrupted human interaction even when working remotely.

When the transition is not managed correctly,  online working relationships create an emotional gap and provoke a ‘disconnect effect’ that progressively weakens the organisation and undermines a strong and resilient working culture.

Ineffective virtual communication practices trigger a degenerative communication cycle, where even small unaddressed and unmanaged misunderstandings escalate to complacency and withdrawal, especially in the current climate of uncertainty and fear. With consequences such as increased misunderstandings and costly mistakes, growing distrust, and widening disengagement. All resulting in costly loss of performance, disengagement and falling productivity.

When suddenly working remotely is no longer an option, but the new normal, preserving organisational culture and preventing degenerative communication cycles is a new business imperative.